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sustainable construction commitments launched

The UK Government today launches its Sustainable Construction Strategy, with a whole raft of targets, measures and reporting mechanisms. It seems like it has been a long time coming, the consultation period being most of last year. Construction minister Shriti … Continue reading

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wanted … eco home builder

I have for a while now been exploring Second Life’s contribution to the built environment – on themes of collaboration, education and usability. One of these ideas is to create a UK Level 6 Eco Home within second life to … Continue reading

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responsible sourcing accreditation to BS6001?

Will 6001 join the lexicon of standards for our sector, along with 9001, 14001, 18001 (with apologies to others missed!) Understanding the ripple effect of a facility in use or in construction is increasingly important within both client and supply … Continue reading

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on learning from eco-challenges …

What can we learn from the fact that bidders are pulling out of the next carbon-challenge project at Peterborough? (Shortlisted bidders flee from EP flagship project) Could it be English Partnerships are using a traditional, cost based procurement route? Even … Continue reading

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JCT legally binding sustainability contracts?

To reinforce that we cannot address sustainability, carbon reduction and waste management from a hearts and minds, save the planet for future generations, common sense point of view and approach, JCT have started a consultation process as to which sustainability … Continue reading

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collaborative city design and prequal requirements …

Worldchanging suggested in a recent post a collaborative institute with classes for every city (US) to … offer education and examples about urban design fundamentals – what makes a public (space) work, what makes a street pedestrian-friendly, what makes a … Continue reading

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isite 08

For what its worth, here are my top ten themes for the built environment sector in 2008. These are not predications as such but more of an extension of what I have seen emerge in 2007 and will most likely … Continue reading

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Cost of carbon

A good note to end the year on and a new perspective on the cost of carbon to start 2008 with was reported in the Guardian last Friday. (also picked up by fellow blogger Phil at Some Seasonal Cheer ). … Continue reading

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Merton Rule ‘plus’ in new planning policy statement

The Guardian reports today that the Merton rule has now been embedded into a new planning policy statement. The government will today publish a new planning policy designed to boost the use of renewable energy and community heating schemes in … Continue reading

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MIT, Gehry and more questions

Blogs and the Media are awash with news and comments of MIT sueing Gehry for an ‘unbuildable design’ at the MIT Stata Center in Cambridge, Boston. (The Guardian, Building etc) I find this fascinating and a reminder of the failures … Continue reading

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