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Hidden Innovation

NESTA (see below) have published their Hidden Innovation report which looks at innovation systems of six sectors that are seen as having low levels of innovation: oil production, retail banking, construction, legal aid services, education and the rehabilitation of offenders. … Continue reading

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Free Innovation Event – be seen to be innovative

Do you want to learn more about accessing innovation? Attend the LBPC Innovation Event on 5th July at UClan Do you want to tell the world about your innovative product or service? Exhibit  at the LBPC Innovation Event on 5th … Continue reading

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Rubble Trouble

The following was noticed from UK Green Building Council 50% Percentage of UK greenhouse gas emissions from running buildings… 30% …of those emissions could be cut by cheap and simple measures 10% Percentage of UK emissions coming from producing building … Continue reading

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The inconvenient truth about the carbon offset industry

The Guardian on Saturday carried the concluding part of a major investigation, by Nick Davies showing how greenhouse gas credits do little or nothing to combat global warming. It is worrying how the offsetting industry has grown in this manner. … Continue reading

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“I don’t think we’re going to make it…”

Dave over at the Carbon Coach brought my attention to an emotional shock response  video from TED.  Whilst you may not agree with all in the video, Venture Capitalist, John Doerr’s lucid presentation is indeed worth watching, it includes amongst … Continue reading

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Correction – BSF schools contracts boost order books for local businesses

The recent article on BSF schools and local business was incorrectly accredited to Miles Barter, when in fact it was written by Andrew Bond of Catalyst Lend Lease.  Thanks guys.

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Future of construction transport – something that’s better for the planet

A number of items in the news / other websites and blogs have given me cause for thought on construction transport. Procurement for construction will evaluate construction transport miles and travel plans Defra claim only two thirds of solid materials … Continue reading

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