2030 – just when you thought …

… meanwhile the following email posting from the USA Architecture 2030 programme makes sobering reading. Architecture 2030: Rapidly accelerating climate change (global warming), which is caused by greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, is now fueling dangerous regional and global environmental events. Data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration illustrates that buildings are responsible for almost half […]

The 2010 Imperative – (NW Sustainability Network)

Further to the NW sustainability network initial meeting this week, noted the following on the USA’s Arctitecture 2030 programme web site, the 2010 Imperative How about carbon neutral campuses (campi?) for the NW by 2010 ??? To successfully impact global warming and world resource depletion, it is imperative that ecological literacy become a central tenet […]

The future of the Code for Sustainable Homes – Making a rating mandatory

From the Communities and  Local Government website: The Code measures the sustainability of a new home. It went live in England as a voluntary standard in April 2007. This consultation document follows on from the positive response received to Building a Greener Future: Towards Zero Carbon Development, where we asked if rating against the Code […]

Goodbye zero champion…hello sustainability blog…

Zero Champion blog has been re-branded and given a face lift, as Zero Hero ** says It’s part of the development I’m working on which will see this space being integrated more closely to the websites my company publishes – Building, Building Design, Property Week and Building Services Journal check out the new look at […]

open source sustainability

I am becoming more and more aware of and convinced of the role that open source approaches and concepts can have in our built environment.  Based on the open source approach to IT, we are starting to see open source architecture…education …and sustainability.  In addition I see benchmark and best practice clubs transforming themselves into […]

Building purple haze…

The post to Worldchanging on green issues in New York City caught my eye over the weekend: Around 85 percent of all the buildings that will exist in New York City in 25 years are already standing, according to reporter J. Alex Tarquino in this past Sunday’s edition of The New York Times. 80 percent […]

ithink comment – smoking ban – environmental timebomb?

i-think has posted this thought provoking comment.  Log on to i-think to join the debate and comment. The smoking ban has occasioned much debate from both the pro- and anti- camps, but now it seems that the new law could also lead to an unexpected environmental backlash. A recent survey by British Gas asserts that the […]

North of England Innovation

Following on from our Best Practice Club Innovation event: I have received details of the North of England Excellence Innovation event on the 25th July at Haddock Park Racecourse The circular states: This promises to be a lively and stimulating event. Led by Paul Sloane of the BQF and Destination Innovation the evening will include […]

Green Lessons for New Schools (BSF Update)

Mile Barter, communications at Lancs BSF, has sent in the following update: Pupils from Burnley are using the building of their new school to learn about the environment – and to encourage action to stop global warming.  The 11 and 12-year-olds from Shuttleworth College, on Kiddrow Lane, have set up a sustainability project as part […]