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Carbon neutral buildings designed

Searching for the carbon negative led me to this neat little 5 mins video from Green Building Studio It sets about designing a building to be carbon neutral using their online web service. It is worth following through to the … Continue reading

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End of back to backs

Pleased to note the greenhouse project in Beeston Leeds as reported in Building today. (Work starts on UK’s first carbon negative project) Having had an office on the fringe of Beeston for about 10 years, it was an area that … Continue reading

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New housing to fund energy improvements to old stock through 106?

Interesting post on today’s Building website – exploring the use of Section 106 on new developments to improve existing housing stock in the area

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Fringe climate events at conservative conference, Blackpool

There is an impressive series of fringe events being organised by Climate Clinic along side the conference next week in Blackpool. Of note is the Ask an Architect event on Monday and Tuesday, hosted by the RIBA, billed as Get … Continue reading

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Carbon Accounting for the Construction Industry

Noticed this (free) Envirowise event in Loughborough on 30th Oct.   Delighted to see David Hampton (Carbon Coach) is one of the speakers. I plan to attend and report back through here, and hopefully track down that elusive Construction Carbon Calculator. … Continue reading

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How much coal is required…

…. to run a 100-watt light bulb 24 hours a day for a year? Came across the useful – and frightening – link on How Stuff Works.  Take a look – the answer is a lot and a lot of … Continue reading

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Want to stop global warming? – New York Times

I have mentioned the Architecture 2030 programme here before. (An American programme to reduce carbon levels in construction and use of ALL buildings by 2030, 5 years ahead of the predicted point of irreversible damage when carbon emissions are predicted … Continue reading

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