do you know a sustainable star?

Is your project, are you, or do you know a sustainable star in Pennine Lancashire? We are running a competition to discover the green heroes of the region and we are aiming to support every aspect of sustainability; from eco houses to schools, community project to construction. If you know of, or are involved in […]

local authority in peak oil tranisition

Last week, Somerset County Council voted unanimously to endorse a motion that they become the UK’s first ‘Transition Local Authority’ reported the Transition Culture blog yesterday What this means is that SCC will take a more integrated approach to its planning processes, putting peak oil, sustainable communities and climate change at the heart of its […]

your top three environmental books

What are the top three books you’ve read on environmental issues that you would recommend?   Why are they great reads,important or influential? Join the discussion underway on the Linkedin Sustainability Questions page and learn what others feel are important environmental books. I will summarise all the recommendations here soon. Not a member of Linkedin? contact […]

latest Grid Works issued

The latest issue of Grid Works has been issued and is available for download from here or from vendors on the Public Works area within Second Life. Once again CivilE Writer (editor) has pulled together an excellent journal that illustrates how second life and other virtual worlds can be used to improve the real world […]

a welcome for tougher eco towns

The Guardian reports today that Caroline Flint has toughend up the eco town requirements: the whole development should be “zero-carbon”, including business sites, and the average home should be within a 10-minute walk of frequent public transport and neighbourhood services. environmental threshold for individual homes to meet level 4 of the Code of Sustainable Homes, […]

on be excellent

Around 10 or so years ago I was part of a BE (now constructing excellence) development group which produced the Be Excellent document and tool. The premise was to increase the awareness of constructions relationship within facilities management and excellence through collaboration by mean of a self, or facilitated assessment tool. What is Be Excellent? […]

news on eco homes

More news on the eco homes / eco towns devolpment In Ireland: ALL new homes built from 2013 onwards will have to be carbon neutral and emit no harmful greenhouse gases, the Irish Independent has learned. Solar panels, woodchip burners, wind turbines and triple-glazing windows will become standard features on new housing under ambitious plans […]

is IT and FM disconnect a barrier to going green?

Noticed this on a feed from Financetechnews Industry experts believe IT groups have been slow to go green because of the disconnect between IT and facilities management – FM manages energy cost and availability, while IT’s focused on computing needs. Is this an FM issue, an IT one or a missed collaborative opportunity?  Increasingly it […]

cities and intention and collaboration and community

It’s actually about people making things together. What’s going to come out of this is cities and intention and collaboration and community, because the capability this thing provides is mysterious in the degree to which is allows people to do things together. This quote from Philip Rosedale Linden was the turning point in Second Life’s […]