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on low carbon existing homes

Currently reading around the greening of existing homes, the following links are of interest and indicate the way forward perhaps:

Rob ‘s Axis Design Architects award winning eco terrace in Newcastle-Under-Lyme that demonstrates how existing Victorian terrace properties can be refurbished to today’s housing standards.

ECD’s Terraced house refurbishment, Mottingham, London considered use of products should ensure that the retrofit of a social-housing property achieves an 80 per cent reduction in carbon emissions.

More to follow….

If you have further examples please add in the comments

on the future of sustainability standards

Last nights Lancashire Built Environment’s Pecha Kucha evening exploring the theme of affordability or sustainability mentioned the sustainability standards and codes more than once.  Listening to the other presentations brought back two items which I feel need much more publicity.

Firstly Phil Clark‘s (Zerochampion) Will There Be One Global Green Building Standard to Rule Them All? article which was carried on Jetson Green recently discussing the possibility of one global standard.  Is it already shaping up for world dominance of LEED (possible) or BREEAM (unlikely) or something similar (possible)?

Secondly Pam Broviaks pecha kucha presentation Greening the Globe to be2camp2008 last month. The presentations can be viewed here) Fittingly, delivered over the web (from Illinois into London) Pam’s presentation gives one of the most concise overviews of the many global sustainability or environmental standards out there.  Essential viewing to understand what is happening, and how all that best practice must surely start to come together into the global standard.

on zero carbon britain

Reading zerocarbonbritain that details how Britain can eliminate emissions from fossil fuels in 20 years and break our dependence on imported energy.

In relation to buildings it requires …

“changes to the building stock that may initially be unpalatable to traditional thinkers and environmentalists alike, due to the scale of demolition, new build, and refurbishment required”

Report can be downloaded here

on low-carbon existing homes

From the UKGBC website, will comment when I have time to digest!

UK-GBC Releases new report

Report submitted to Government 13/1008

After a summer of stakeholder engagement, including a ‘webinar’- an online seminar – which attracted around 100 participants, the report on Low Carbon Existing Homes has been submitted to Government this morning and is available to download here. The appendices are available here and the Executive Summary of the report is available here. This is a landmark report in terms of the number of organisations that have contributed to it and the importance Government attached to the process. It will go forward to inform Government’s energy efficiency consulta  ion later in the year, and the resulting Low Carbon Homes strategy next spring.

The report can also be downloaded directly from here low carbon existing housing

twitter and facility user feedback

Today at be2camp I will be discussing the use of twitter as an approach to post occupant evaluation and facility user feedback.

This discussion needs your input …. Tweet what you feel about your facilities, where you are now, and tweet as you think about how your office, your building, your ‘comfort’ environment, affects you …

Tweet to @postocc and lets see what happens ….  Thank you

And remember to follow @be2camp for today’s event – questions to @be2camp will be picked up by those in the Building Centre , London

be2camp link – wikitecture

Jon Brouchoud and Ryan Shultz will be presenting at be2camp (via second life or other web link) on Studio Wikitecture, which recently won Architecture for Humanity’s Founders Award in the 2007 AMD Open Architecture Challenge.

A very recent article in Architectural Record Wikitecture: From clicks to bricks, avatars to architects provides background this amazing project, perhaps summed up by a on the article:

What a provocative software concept…communal brainstorming of design iterations to form a cohesive union commensurate with compensation to each contributor.

be2camp count down – collaboration with web2.0

With three days to go. this post looks at one of the streams at be2camp. collaborating with web2.

More information and details of registration (its free to register) can be found at

From mid morning through to the close of the main session, the following topics will, may, be covered:

As with all unconference barcamps this will evolve and develop and allows for new topics and presentations to be set up on the day – what would you like to see or share to inspire others?

Keep in touch via twitter on @be2camp or the be2camp website

be2camp founders and un-organisers are: martin brown, paul wilkinson, jodie miners, pam broviak

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