CABE: Better buildings and spaces improve quality of life, says the public

Nearly nine out of ten people say that better quality buildings and public spaces improve their quality of life, according to new MORI research published by CABE on its tenth anniversary.

Reinforces the ‘think outside the building’ approach, think community, users and usability not buildings.


Better Bids in 6mins 40secs

This is my pecha kucha style summary of the bid to win (and present to win) workshops I run.

I also get delegates to summarise their thoughts and actions in a similar PK style, often on flipcharts, (20 ideas, 20 secs each per bid ‘team’) or a la Bob Dylan (20 A4’s with one or two themes, each 20secs description and thrown to ground)

This provides a fun and high energy end to an action packed. interactive and high learning 2 or 4 day event.

For more on bid to win or present to win contact me via twiiter @fairsnape or fairsnape(at)

Plus – ever thought of giving your bids or presentations an independent ‘health check’ before sending them out into the competitive world? Again contact me for health check info 🙂

“Architecture of Change: 8 Real-World Examples” Slideshow from Fast Company

In Gestalten’s upcoming book Architecture of Change 2, editors Kristen and Lukas Feireiss take a look at architecture projects around the world that combine creativity, technical knowledge, and scientific expertise to take on environmental challenges.