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Construction in Crisis? BIM the solution?

Construction in crisis? buildings too complex? communication of knowledge rapidly changing? (Thoughts from the road) Whilst I have long being a supporter of the need for the aims of BIM, it has been as seeing BIM as a technoloy to … Continue reading

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Twitter Building Down Barriers

A few tweets caught my eye on Friday between two SELCA (SE Lancs Construction Association) members, nothing really remarkable in content, but what was interesting was the exchange was between  joinery and bricklaying contractors, @rlmbrickwork and @tmjcontractors. As was mentioned, such … Continue reading

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Construction supply chain footprints

Our construction carbon tool, Constructco2, through its ability to monitor a projects supply footprint is throwing up some interesting issues: Take a look at a project footprint that has a focus on localism – ie in keeping material, supplier, management and … Continue reading

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Green Deal Bulletin July 2011

Green Deal Update news received from DECC. Does this mask the slowing down of Green Deal preparation or announcement for Green Deal in October 2012?  The consultation with the industry and public is a key milestone, yet this remains ‘the … Continue reading

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