Green Deal Update Sources

Slowly green deal details are emerging.  A number of people and organisations have asked me for good reliable Green Deal update sources.  Across the web the situation still seems very patchy and I guess will remain so until we have further news from the government on the Energy Bill and release of PAS 2030 for consultation for example.

UPDATE: PAS 2030 Issued for Consultation

However, here is my list of sources as a starter for 10.  If you have any to add (that are informative rather than outright service/product/training ‘sell’) please add to comments and I will incorporate.

DECC Green Deal 

DECC Green Deal Advisory Forums

Energy Savings Trust Green Deal 

Green Deal Guide Green Deal Guide

Microgeneration MCS Certificate Scheme

Asset Skills – Green Skills

The Guardian Sustainable Business Built Environment Hub

Social Media (Blogs, Forums and Twitter):

Green Deal Linkedin Forum

Fairsnape (this blog)  eg: CSR – the hard, the soft and the CSR

Great Green Deal (PB Energy Solutions Blog)

Green Deal Twitter List (curated by me @fairsnape)

Green Deal News Weekly (Twitter  based (curated by me @fairsnape)

Green Deal Providers (Blog)

Future Fit Blog 


Passive House Whistler (and bears!)

I was delighted to be able to visit the Austrian Passive House in the Lost Lake area of Whistler during our recent RV travels through British Columbia.

The house was recently gifted to Whistler from the Austrian Olympic Team and provides club room for mountain biking and nordic skiing clubs.

It was designed as a family house for 5 and used as the HQ for the Austrian olympic committees, teams and press during the 2010 winter games.

Claimed to be the greenest building at Whistler, the Austrian Passive House was designed in Austria but built by local contractors using imported materials (incl timbers?) from Austria. ‘Legacy’ crops up on all the web search, that the building outlive the Olympics and provide demonstration of passiv haus concepts, using less than a tenth of energy an equivalent local Canadian house would use. It was the first (and only?) Passiv Haus accredited building in Canada

The Austrian House dominates a key entry point to the Lost Lakes area that provides stunningly smooth singletrack biking (and I guess XC skiing in winter). I couldnt shake the apprehension however of cycling around a singletrack bend into a bear. We had seen plenty of bears on our travels, including at Whistler, and the fresh bear scat, along with the ripening berries, a favourite bear treat in a food-stressed area, added to the apprehension.


Austrian passive house   The Greenest House at the Games 

Whistler Bears : Bear death toll continues to rise

Construction Video