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BIM Survey – More Contractors than Architects using #BIM

  A recent, still to be published survey shows some very interesting BIM usage stats:   The percentage of companies using BIM  is now 71%, which is a jump when comparing previous statistics, with 17% in 2007 and 49% in … Continue reading

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PQQ Specification PAS 91 now to include BIM

I have blogged a number of times on PAS 91, the Publicly Available Specification for PQQ’s, (eg here) and on BIM, Building Information Management, (eg here – What is BIM) But … until now separately … It is encouraging to note then … Continue reading

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Sustainability: Closing the Circle

Barry Commoner, scientist-activist, whose ability to identify and explain complex ecological crises and advocate radical solutions made him a pillar of the environmental movement, died last week. Source Commoner whose seminal 1971 book, “The Closing Circle: Man, Nature and Technology,” argued … Continue reading

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Simple Rules: Addressing Sustainability

Addressing climate change, environmental harm and sustainability can seem far to difficult and complex to tackle, so often we dont, or we do so with approaches that are masked by process and checklist. Daniel Goleman, in Ecological Intelligence gives us three simple, … Continue reading

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