A Green Deal that could have done so much. RIP

It could have been such a good deal, but it now seems the Green Deal, the green flagship of our current government is dead. Going back to 2011/12 – the concept of a scheme that promised to reduce fuel poverty, reduce carbon,  improve our housing stock, and create a vibrant, certified (PAS2030) market sector – […]

Green Deal Guidance for the Property Industry

The Department of Energy and Climate Change has published The Green Deal: Guidance for the Property Industry in Great Britain aimed at property practitioners dealing with domestic or non-domestic properties The Green Deal is designed to help householders and businesses increase the energy efficiency of properties and therefore reduce greenhouse gas emissions across Great Britain. This guidance […]

Can social media power the Green Deal (and Sustainability)?

Earlier this year, through Be2camp, the built environment social media advocacy, we published a guide on using social media to improve understanding and application of Green Deal issues.   This was discussed in a 2degreenework interview with myself and Stephen Kennett  Stephen Kennett : You’ve launched the ‘Social media framework for the Green Deal’, can you explain what […]

Building Down Green Deal Barriers

Themes covered in the Cumbria Green Deal workshop yesterday, both within round table groups and in general discussions were strikingly familiar, being the age old improvement issues that the construction and built environment sector has been trying to address for the last few decades. It is encouraging that Green Deal is raising these themes with […]

FMB to offer Green Deal Installer Certification from Sept 2012.

The Federation of Master Builders (FMB) is launching FMB Certification, a ‘complete solution’ registration and certification service to companies committed to delivering the highest standards of customer service and workmanship in the building industry. The FMB is pleased to be able to offer these services through a new agreement with NAPIT Group Limited, a UKAS […]

When our Green Deal and BIM worlds collide

Rushing from a Green Deal event in Lancashire to the ThinkBIM BIM event in Yorkshire has me thinking of when and how these two seemingly separate worlds and agenda will collide. Green Deal, if successful will drive mass refurbishment of domestic, non domestic and commercial existing properties with an objective of reducing energy costs / […]

‘Green Deal Conduit’ for SMEs

The interesting and innovation Green Deal Conduit approach from Parity Projects, giving better involvement with and access to Green Deal for SME’s  is gathering pace, as the recent press release from Parity Projects indicates. New Organisation Announced – ‘Green Deal Conduit’ for Smaller Construction Practioners to put SMEs in charge of their own destiny The […]

Mapping the Green Deal with ArchitectMap

Once Green Deal is live, and indeed in the run up preparation phase, it will be of great advantage to be able to see who are the Green Deal ‘players’ on your street, in your estate, neighbourhood or town. Green Deal, in addition to improving energy efficiency of buildings, both domestic and commercial, also has […]

Green Deal Opportunities for Industry

At last a good, readable and comprehensive guide to Green Deal from the Energy Efficiency Partnership for Buildings (EEPB) and the Construction Products Association The Guide is aimed at manufacturers, distributors, main contractors and installers, from individuals to SMEs to large organisations, wanting to work within the Green Deal. It provides an introduction to the Green […]

Green Deal Consortia Launches in Lancashire

The following is the press release from Industry Today ‘Green Deal’ service: Wednesday 22nd February saw the launch of the Lancashire Construction Best Practice Club’s ‘Green Deal Consortia’ initiative supported by the FMB, fairsnape, DIEMltd, the NFB, SMPR (Simply Marcomms Ltd) and UCLan. Over 40 organisations attended the breakfast launch at the University of Central […]