Finally PAS91 update issued.

At last, the updated version of PAS 91 Construction prequalification questionnaires has been issued and is available as a free download on the BSi website. The updated version is aligned to the Government Construction Strategy and set to be madatory for Government projects from 2016, hence is aligned to BIM level 2 requirements for the same year. […]

PAS91: Update for LCBPC

Although we still await the revision to PAS91 that will align it with the Government Construction Strategy, PAS91 was included in the Lancashire Construction Best Practice Club event looking at winning work, reducing costs and adding value through adapting the elements within the Strategy; To be updated when the revised PAS91 is issued! Lcbpc pas91 […]

More on #PAS91: important omissions in the new PQQ standard?

Whilst working on a number of PAS 91:2010 submissions, I am becoming acutely aware of the omission of many current and critical construction improvement themes, a quick word search through the document shows: Innovation only 1 mention (in the name of the Business, Innovation and Skills!) Sustainable only 1 mention  in relation to sustainable material procurement Sustainable Construction […]

Improvement through PAS 91

PAS 91 has recently been updated to align with the Government Construction Strategy. Here are some of my thoughts on recently providing PAS91 support (training events, webinars and live bid support) As with all bidding the trick is to:  “delight the client to attain maximum scores and score higher than your competitors” Easy? PAS 91 […]

PQQ Specification PAS 91 now to include BIM

I have blogged a number of times on PAS 91, the Publicly Available Specification for PQQ’s, (eg here) and on BIM, Building Information Management, (eg here – What is BIM) But … until now separately … It is encouraging to note then that Construction Manager published news that the new version of PAS 91 will include BIM, […]

Government Construction Strategy – have we been here before?

The Government have recently published its Construction Strategy, aiming to address … widespread acknowledgement across Government and within industry – backed by recent studies – that the UK does not get full value from public sector construction; and that it has failed to exploit the potential for public procurement of construction and infrastructure projects to drive growth. This strategy changes […]