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Listed below are my recent, and not so recent publications and significant articles


Sustainability Restorative to Regenerative 


ISBN 978-3-9504607-0-4

Published May 2018

EU COST RESTORE Action Publication

An exploration in progressing a paradigm shift in built environment thinking, from sustainability to restorative sustainability and on to regenerative sustainability

This publication explores: a language for sustainability that inspires, not confuses; a Social and Wellbeing world view of our place on the planet, Living Buildings that are restorative and regenerative and an essential component of climate change solutions; a Regenerative Heritage that shares memories of place from the past and provides lessons for the future; and Regenerative Economic thinking that is shifting the built environment from linear economics to regenerative economies.

To progress from the state of the art to a vision of Regenerative Sustainability, a number of triggers are identified: Rethinking EDUCATION to inspire the next generation; a re-connection with NATURE through Biophilic and Ecological Design; a sense of PLACE rooted in local, culturally rich and ecologically sound built environments and a CIRCULAR ECONOMY that moves us from limited growth to Regenerative Economies.

The future starts now, a future that has to be more cohesive, fair and sustainable. To achieve this goal our human actions have to embrace a different vision, one in which our sustainable well-being emerges from our love for the planet.

FutuREstorative: Working Towards a New Sustainability

FutuREstorative: Working Towards a New Sustainability

ISBN: 9781859466308

Publisher: RIBA Publishing

Date Published: Aug 2016

This book furthers the debate on new sustainability thinking in the built environment by bringing together a selection of contributions from thought leaders in the UK and the rest of the world with an overarching narrative from Martin Brown.

Central to the book is the emergence of net positive and restorative sustainability, exploring the shift from an often blinkered focus on sustainability as simply energy performance to a more roundedsocial, wellness, health and healthy buildings debate.

It also spotlights sharing and collaboration through social media and BIM as new tools in the ‘sustainability toolbox’ which provide opportunities to rapidly advance sustainability thinking, development and action.

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Public Private Partnerships, Towards New Innovative Collaborations by [Brown, Martin, Akintoye, Akintola, Goulding, Jack]


Public Private Partnerships, Towards New Innovative Collaborations

Publisher: University of Central Lancashire, UK (28 Oct. 2013)

Our built environment collaborative working journey is now venturing into new territories. The future for a responsible built environment will increase both the pressure and opportunities beyond collaboration and partnerships to co-collaborate and co-create hybrid projects, moving to open innovations that in turn stimulate further opportunities. Such new and emerging agendas include social responsibility, managing increasingly scarce resources in purpose-driven circular economies, addressing restorative sustainability, adopting transparency and meeting the challenges of BIM and social media connectivity.

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Constructing Social Media 

Editorial for Journal of Construction Innovation: Information, Process, Management

Construction Innovation, Volume: 14 Issue: 3, 2014

Guest editorial providing a snapshot of social media (past, present and future), exploring why and how this ‘new’ collection of tools can be used to purposefully improve construction.


Today’s construction and built environment sector faces exciting but immense cultural, societal and technological changes.  This is evidenced through a myriad of issues, not least a rapid escalation in the need for improved sustainability, better information management, and advanced construction techniques – to test and challenge established practices. Whilst these challenges are significant, there are a number of platforms and tools that can improve communication, learning and sharing; not least social media. The core challenge here is “what can social media offer in support of Construction Innovation, Information, Process and Management?”

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Community-based Facilities Management. 

Facilities Vol. 24 No. 7/8, 2006 pp. 250-268


Purpose – To introduce and define the concept of community-based facilities management (CbFM) and to identify and discuss processes and responsibilities in practice, in order to explore opportunities for the development of a socially inclusive approach to facilities management. The paper raises issues of governance, empowerment and socio-economic development.

Keywords Facilities, Sustainable design, Property management, Social inclusion Paper type Conceptual paper