Is this the Green Deal tipping point?

Building broke with the following news today (16th Feb), which can only serve to increase the importance of preparing for Green Deal, attaining PAS 2030 and creating Green Deal consortia to deliver. “Local authorities team up to issue large-scale retrofit schemes initially worth £1.7bn Billions of pounds worth of retrofitting work is set to be […]

Green Deal Thoughts: Is green deal missing the behaviour measure?

Could Green Deal fail it its core objective of reducing CO2? Green Deal is a necessary and welcome approach to funding improvement to our built environment fabric, increasing the use of renewable energy, and importantly providing structure to eco-fit work via the awaited PAS 2030 standard. Yet, could the Green Deal approach be seen as […]

Read Later Connections: from green deal to stargazing and sustainability

A collection of articles saved to Instapaper this last week (mostly from Flipboard) There is creative reading as well as creative writing.— Ralph Waldo Emerson Inspiring landlords to take part in the Green Deal  The UK Government are in the final planning stages of the Green Deal launch, their biggest home improvement scheme since the […]

Summary of Green Deal Consultation Responses

A Summary of Green Deal Consultation Responses collated via twitter: The public consultation process for Green Deal closed last Wednesday with DECC reporting over 600 responses. It will be interesting how DECC make sense of all. A quick read through those made public via twitter (listed below) indicate: A general agreement for the Green Deal […]

Green Deal Needs a Radical Boost to Succeed, warns Federation of Master Builders

Yesterdays, press release from the FMB illustrates the frustation developing within Green Deal and hindering preparation for Green Deal and addressing the requirements of PAS 2030 and Code of Practice. These are the same frustrations I hear from green deal related workshops I am engaged in, on one hand their is promise of work, the […]

Green Deal – heading for failure or success?

There has been a spate of interesting “Green Deal will fail articles” recently, for example DECC research suggests Green Deal will flop from Business Green Green deal suffers setback as loft insulations set to plummet from the Guardian and on George Monbiot’s Blog: The green deal is a useless, middle-class subsidy It is great that we debate […]

Local Authorities, Green deal procurement, local supply chains and partnerships

DECC have issued Green Deal guidance for Local Authorities that suggests LA’s should champion the initiative to help drive economic growth, unlocking billions of pounds worth of investment, support local jobs and local supply chains Potential benefits to local authorities are likely to be: • new sources of revenue to deliver energy efficiency retrofits; • help to reduce fuel bills for […]

Green Deal Help

I am often asked what can contracting organisation do to prepare for green deal.  My response is, in line with the green deal awareness programmes we run: Work: understand green deal. How work will flow?  Who will be the providers, the clients, who will procure? Delivery: understand what is required (standards and accreditations) in order […]

Green Deal Assessor Standard issued for consultation

DECC have issued their draft standard ‘Specification for the provision of Green Deal Advisor Services‘ for consultation. The standard, albeit in draft throws more light on what Green Deal will eventually look like. From first read my comments: Useful terms and definitions section It would appear charges for the assessment can be made. The customer […]