Autodesk Project Vasari – a lite version of Revit to make BIM accessible and viable for all?

David Light on his blog Revit enthuses about a ‘lite’ version of Revit. I am struggling to contain my excitement, but there is a storm a coming!!! With Paul Morrell recently calling for more projects, indeed, all public projects to be managed through a BIM platform, could this be the killer that brings BIM within […]

Most everyone by now knows the purpose of a BIM … but how about social media based FIM’s: facilities intuition models?

The first part of the title for this post was contained in an intriguing and thought provoking article on the BIM and Integrated Design blog, entitled  BiM: Building intuition Modeling  which claims Most everyone in the AEC industry by now knows that the purpose of a building information model (BIM) is to generate and manage building data […]

Will BIM move to FIM? (Webinar 16/4/10)

The concept of a Facilties Information Model as a more encompassing, arching umbrella model to a Building Information Model has been discussed over the last few years, but with little (public) evidence of use in practice. I guess in some ways it reflects the larger discussion between construction and facilties management, between the provision of […]

Construction: the next normal

As construction along with other sectors emerges from varying degrees of Corona lockdown we have an opportunity, a rare opportunity and the only one we may have in our life times to shape the next normal. Across the globe, the lockdown has provided many with benefits and appreciation of wellbeing, of deeper connections within family, […]

Keynotes + Talks (2020)

Zoom Regenerative (ZR) Exploring pathways for a regenerative future, post lockdown, in a Time of Corona … Celebrating Regenerative Buzz, Thinking and Activity with Guests from around the world Zoom Regenerative (ZR) is hosted zoom event with a wonderfully engaged and growing community that will cover regenerative themes from Cycling to Energy, from Regenerative Business to […]

Regenerative Sustainability Design Training School

Following the successful COST Restore Lancaster Training School in 2017, applications are invited for the second Training School to be held in Malaga, Spain in October  2018 offering a wonderful learning opportunity for students and practitioners looking to advance their skills at the interface of sustainability, #BIM, digital construction and regenerative design #CostRestore    Regenerative Design: […]

Klout closes this week: are we now living in the world Klout built?

@klout May 10 To all of our fans: after careful consideration we have decided to shut down the Klout website & the Klout Score. This will happen on May 25, 2018. It has been a pleasure serving you, and thank you for your ongoing support over the years. Details here: Klout came into the world […]

Blockchains: enabling a sustainable future?

Mid way through last year I raised the concept of blockchain in relation to transparency and responsibility aiding and disrupting material supply chains (within the context of the Grenfell Tower tragedy). Arup Foresight have just published a useful guide to Blockchain within the context of BIM that really should be essential reading for anyone working in […]