Green Deal November

*Updated 11/11/11* Seems Green Deal is high on my agenda for November! Here is a round up on ‘happenings’ and events: On the 2nd I attended an interesting Green Skills in construction event hosted by teh Guardian. I blogged here on the Great Green Re-Skilling but the Guardian report will be out on the 16th Nov. On the same day I […]

Green Deal PAS 2030 – Necessary Control or Unnecessary Burden?

What may well become one of the most significant UK standards in refurbishment, eco-refits and green deal, possibly up there with ISO 9001 and CDM, PAS 2030, has been released in draft for consultation through the BSi. (PAS is a Publicly Available Standard) PAS 2030 will become the installation standard for Green Deal and other […]

Green Deal Update Sources

Slowly green deal details are emerging.  A number of people and organisations have asked me for good reliable Green Deal update sources.  Across the web the situation still seems very patchy and I guess will remain so until we have further news from the government on the Energy Bill and release of PAS 2030 for […]

Green Deal Bulletin July 2011

Green Deal Update news received from DECC. Does this mask the slowing down of Green Deal preparation or announcement for Green Deal in October 2012?  The consultation with the industry and public is a key milestone, yet this remains ‘the Autumn‘ rather than a specific date. Green Deal Bulletin July 2011 “We’re now expecting that […]

Great Green Deal Re-Skilling?

Following on from the depressing news that Construction lacks green, key business and foresight skills, in particular 43% of employers dont feel they understand the implications of green issues, or ability to identify the training needs, are we facing a green deal barrier? Need for New Skills We read in the Low Carbon Plan from the Government, (“much re-skilling of the construction industry to […]

Where Greendeal should be …

At many of the Green Deal workshops, roundtable discussions and presentations (eg More than Just a GreenDeal) I have led over the last year or so , I have challenged thinking with the question, how did we get to 2013 without a clear strategy in improving the efficiency of our existing buildings? Its as though […]

A sustainable, purpose-driven Green Deal?

There is a real buzz emerging from Sustainable Brands annual conference in San Diego focusing on the progress purpose-driven brands are having in moving the sustainability agenda. The strap line theme for this years event is from Revolution to Renaissance, and explores the positive sustainability shifts currently taking place where business and society meet. The event has wide […]

Architects and Green Deal: greater ability to improve public health than medical professionals

‘Architects have a greater ability to improve public health than medical professionals’ A provocative statement  made by physician Dr. Claudia Miller, assistant dean at the University of Texas School of Medicine, at a recent  healthy building materials panel moderated and blogged by Kirk Teske on his Point of View blog. The panel* made a unanimous call […]

From Greendeal to Mindfulness in Sustainability

My More than Just a Green Deal keynote to the Merseyside Construction Conference March 13th 2013, making the case to see Green Deal as part of the Green Build and Sustainability agenda, and the need for doing the right green thing every time. Revisited: More than just a Green Deal from martin brown

Carbon taxes to deliver ‘free’ #GreenDeal home improvements? #CSR

Reducing carbon emissions and lifting home owners out of fuel poverty traps were central to the development of Green Deal.  Reducing CO2 through Green Deal was part of the government’s fourth Carbon Budget to deliver the Climate Change Act 2008. Yet amidst all the financial  assessment and standards debates over the last 12 months, these drivers seem […]