ISO14051: Turning waste to gold with ISO standard for environmental management accounting

With the proposed demise of Site Waste Management Plans SWMP under the ‘Greenest Government Ever’ red tape plans, could a new-ish ISO standard that puts costs to the impacts identified under ISO 14001 provide direction, guidance or framework for construction to measure and improve material and energy waste? The standard, ISO 14051:2011, Environmental management — […]

Bhutan’s ecosystem and green wealth is worth nu 700bn a year

As the UK calls on countries to start green accounting, putting value to nature, biodiversity and ecosystems, Sonam Pelden writing recently in Bhutan Business recently gives a fascinating insight into the country’s Gross National Happiness accounting system. Based not only on the market economy but also natural, social, cultural and human wealth, demonstration perhaps that […]

FIT Changes and affect on large scale solar PV installations

Notes from #govtoday Sustainable Community event from Oris session talking large scale solar PV installations Consequences of recent changes to #FIT’s particularly on multi installation include … job losses, lack of confidence in sector stock write offs, lost investment in training and skills transfers, Lost investment in community based training initiatives, Missed opportunity in battle […]