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How to kick start Biophilic Design? Go for a Walk

Biophilic Walks – the best way to start understanding Biophilia and application to building design.

These walks morphed out of benchmarking walks held for the Benchmarking Institute in the 1990’s / 2000’s where quality professionals took inspiration from each other – but more so from being in and noticing nature.

For more information and to hold guided Biophilic Walks for your project, team or organisation please do get in touch.

Since 2004, Benchmark-Walks, as a Fairsnape bespoke service, has provided the opportunity for individuals and organisations to walk, talk and learn in natural surroundings.

Free from the constraints of the office, boardroom or lecture hall, walking in nature provides an amazing opportunity and healthy alternative to discuss individual and organisation sustainability improvement issues. 

Collaborate, discuss, share and explore your approaches, your thoughts, your expectations for projects, for organisations and business with others in a inspiring and natural environment.

Biophilia is our innate relationship with nature (E.O Wilson) and Biophilic Design is the act of designing buildings that (re)connect with nature that is demonstrating significant improved people and planet health, and in enabling activities within our buildings to thrive.

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