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Regular readers and subscribers to my Fairsnape blog here will be aware that I have shifted platforms to a substack called Regen/Notes that provides a better blogging experience as a email based newsletter.

If you have enjoyed my blog posts here (and they go back to 2007) please do pop over and read or subscribe there. There is also much content here on this site so it won’t be abandoned (see pages on About, Zoom Regenerative, Publications and Downloads)

Recent posts over on the substack Regen Notes pages have been on a COP27 and COP15 theme of nature-positive, including …

Gie me ae spark o’ Nature’s fire …

Living nature-positive buildings as rainforests and terrariums embracing biogenic materials and biophilic thinking.

Nature isn’t protected and biodiversity decline isn’t reversed by COP15 promises alone …

What the COP15 agreement should mean for the built environment

What is Regeneration

Life Centric Design

2023 / 2022 LookForward LookBack 

A prediction for 2023 & a look back at 2022 most read Regen Notes

A Paris moment for nature.

What If COP15 Montreal could cultivate a regenerative built environment.

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