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The theme for Zoom Regenerative 2023 is Nature Positive with dates on 24th Jan, 21st Feb, 21st March and 25 April

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Regen/ is a collaborative formed by Martin Brown (Fairsnape) and Anna Williamson (Limewood) that grew from the highly successful Zoom Regenerative initiative. Regen/ advocates for, nourishes and supports organisations on regenerative journeys.

Zoom Regenerative (ZR) started its life back in April 2020, shortly after lockdown in the UK. Its purpose was to create a global online forum for pollinating, for learning and sharing, an online space for a regenerative community of practice.

Zoom Regenerative set out as an open canvas for regenerative practices, to seek, explore and discuss what emerges when two or more seemingly unrelated topics are put together. And, importantly as a host, to give guests space to share and participants to explore, aware that some guests would we waking, some having midday meals whilst others winding down at the end of a working day, it is important that ZR’s have a relaxed, informal and safe environment.

Working Towards a New Sustainability

In sustainability we may have crossed a rubicon, where the normal we have been practising , promoting and indeed have been educated in, may no longer be applicable. In addition many will (I hope) now look to us, the sustainability fraternity. for guidance – but how well are we prepared for that, do we have the answers?

Regenerative is not only something that we do, but something we are and includes .

Concurrent with the start of ZR was the fabulous article by Arundhati Roy who saw the pandemic as a portal, and asked the question what good do we want to take through the portal and what bad do we leave behind.

52 episodes later, these values and principles still run very true through zoom regenerative. I am continually delighted by ZR guests sharing, by the participant conversations, and honoured to of initiated and brought together a real regenerative community of practice. A community that is embracing the ethos of ‘Seva’.

“It has always been a radical act to tell stories during dark times. They are the regenerative spaces of creation and renewal. As we experience a loss of connection to the earth we share stories that explore the timeless connections between ecology, culture and spirituality.”

Emergence Magazine

Zoom Regenerative – History of Events

Notes and Recordings are available – please get in touch


Dates for 2023 include 21 February, 21 March and 25 April

Zoom Regenerative 52 guest Nuria Munoz, sharing insights from her work as a Wellbeing Interior Designer, her journey in biophilia and biophilic design and details of the Biophilic Society and more


Zoom Regenerative 51 with Luis Huertas, a long time friend, supporter and pollinator with Zoom Regenerative, sharing insights and reflections on a journey from LEED to Living Buildings.

Zoom Regenerative 50 thoughts on 50 episodes of zR and report back from COP27

Zoom Regenerative 49 Christiane Lellig, sharing insights on her work in the world of wood, asking questions that will launch us into reflection and interaction. “Whatever the question community is often the answer”

Zoom Regenerative 48 celebrating regenerative journeys with insights from  Carlo Battisti, President of Living Future Europe ‘Transforming Europe through a Regenerative Built Environment ‘ (LFE)and James Connelly, CEO of My Green Lab. Building a Global Culture of Sustainability in Science.’ (MGL)

Zoom Regenerative 47 A Journey in Regenerative Materials with MAFI Walk on Art eaturing  Walter Lourie Head of Sustainability 

Zoom Regenerative 46 Designing for the wellbeing of people and planet. featuring Interior Designer and Author Rachel Fowler.

Zoom Regenerative 45 Explored the wonderful world of hemp

Zoom Regenerative 44 Emotional Durability … What if  we fell in love with our buildings and building products such that we cherished, cared, repaired and extended life with the same emotional attachment we may have with loved clothing items? Rachel Sheila Khan and friends shared insights and experiences of emotional durability from the world of fashion, and importantly what we can learn for other sectors.  

Zoom Regenerative 43A Zoom Regenerative Special Regenerative Playbook Launch The Playbook is aimed at those not yet initiated into the ways of regenerative thinking. It is designed as a first step in introducing regenerative thinking, bringing sustainability and environmental approaches alive with questions and challenges to shift thinking. In a good way.

Zoom Regenerative 42 What if investors, developers and clients made ‘regenerative’ choices at the feasibility stage in the real estate sector? Zoom Regen 42 explored the world of regenerative real estate with Frances Pimentel Nevares (Global Real Estate Advisor ONESIR and Business Development with REGENBE)

What if the carbon footprint for a development included associated infrastructure and travel carbons? Zoom Regenerative 41 explored the world of logistics and transport, and the relationship with the built environment with Nooshin Akrami (Environmental Sustainability Specialist with Wincanton)


Zoom Regenerative was a finalist for ASBP Ideas for a Better Built Environment Award 2021. See our video here along with other great ideas (including ZR guests and friends!)

Trying On Regenerative Fashion Zoom Regenerative 40 troubleshooter at Circular Earth, Founder of The Ecosystem Incubator, with insights from the world of regenerative fashion..

Zoom Regenerative 39 fireside chats as we look at COP26 through a regenerative lens Regen Notes provides insights and rellections on COP26.

Zoom Regenerative 38 with guest Jessie Buckmaster, Sustainability Manager at Hathaway Dinwiddie, sharing regenerative insights from Californian design and construction

Zoom Regenerative 37 on the 14th September was part 1 to 1 connecting (our famed ZR format that has led to so many connections, collaborations, contracts and friendships) and part unconference approach to explore regenerative built environments in the light of the recent IPCC report.

Zoom Regenerative 36: What an Inspiring #zoomregenerative ‘unleashed’ to close out the spring ZR season. A wonderful #Biophilia exploration and invigoration, through stories, thoughts, experiences, links, references, case studies and love of life.

Biophilia Inspirations and Provocations for ZR Unleashed

ZR Unleashed is our version of the unconference participant-driven meeting format

Zoom Regenerative 35 welcomed Marc Sherratt from the City of Johannesburg, South Africa, sharing insights from his work at MSSA, (considered one of the leaders in the Green Building and sustainable architecture movement on the African continent) on themes dear to our hearts at ZR, those of place and ecology. 

Zoom Regen #34 Biophilia featured Joe Clancy co-author of the influential 14 Patterns of Biophilic Design and Principal Landscape Architect at WSP in the UK

Zoom Regen #33 on 01 June continued our regenerative journey with Ann Vanner, sharing insights on healthy homes as part of the UCLan, UK, Thrive project (looking at the first thousand days of life). also news of upcoming event Quantum Leap 21 with Victor Montero and revealed exciting ZR unconference plans for future ‘unsessions’ and happenings.

Zoom Regen #32 on the 18th May welcomed Daniel Raven Ellison sharing insights into his work at National Park Cities movement and the recently launched Slow Ways project. Check out the links, recordings from ZR#32 here

ZR 31 was a Restore / Zoom Regenerative co-hosted event, listed as an Earthday event and a bittersweet affair with the four years EU Cost Action RESTORE ending its journey on the 30th of April. And yet like all strong communities – RESTORE has, and will continue to seed further progress in the built environment, and beyond. I echo Carlo Battisti (chair of Restore) recent comment, ‘it has been one of the most amazing and inspiring four years of my career’

Video Recordings, Proceedings and Presentations including the ZR Pecha Kuchas can be view through the RESTORE website here

Zoom Regen 30 Emmanuel Pauwels inspiring session from his awesome Cal Guerxo Living Building home in Spain, had, I am sure, many reaching for the principles of Permaculture, with his comment that “all Architecture education should start with an understanding of Permaculture Principles.” (There is a good summary of the principles here on)

Permaculture principles allow us to create a culture that can endure and thrive for generations to come. At its heart are three very simple tenets or ethics: a care for the planet, a care for people, and a Fair share that returns surplus.

Zoom Regenerative 29 was a wonderful, beautiful session of Ambition, Enthusiasm and Passion – from the ambition of Eden Brukman seeking to achieve a Carbon Balance in San Francisco, to the passion for bamboo from Freddie Catlow in Stockholm, and a great Yvon Chouinard quote from Freddie’s journey. “going back to a simpler life is not a step backwards” The recording and notes are available to Regenerator Patreons here.

Zoom Regenerative 28 featured Louise Hamot exploring carbon in MEP based on her work, recently published in CIBSE Technical Memorandum 65: #EmbodiedCarbon in building services, and insights from Slovakia with Marián Ontkóc on low or negative carbon building materials, crafts and tutoring.

This ZR session also outlined plans for 2021, an Earthday special from Sabden – a hybrid event in conjunction with RESTORE and Living Future Europe – and more details on the planned ZR Tutorials in May. And of course more inspiring regenerative buzz and conversation. 

ZR 27 was a real Regen treat with John Renwick sharing insights and experience in Vedic and Vastu Architecture principles. There was also a glimpse of The RegenVast Smart Living Home project in Trinidad looking to become Living Building Challenge and Vastu recognised. A project that will certainly be featured in a future ZR, allowing us to dive deeper into a combination that was described as a dream ticket by a ZR attendee. 

The icing on the Regen 27 cake was from John Bridge Studios showing insights into regenerative possibilities within the city here in Preston. Undertaken as “What If’, R & D projects to imagine a future city through a Garden Bridge over the Ribble and a regenerative ExoSkeleton skyscraper. 

Zoom Regenerative 26 featured Amira Ayoub, Living Futures Hero, sharing insights into regenerative projects in Egypt and region, along with Scott McAulay updated with news from Scotland on the Athroprocene Architecture School as we prepare the build up to COP26.

ZR 25 Joanna Watchman (Content Comms and Work in Mind) shared insights on the importance of sharing stories, without greenwash, and as part of Creatives Declare, the importance of transparency in revealing income from fossil fuel clients. And from Diana Ilani, Paris, we heard more on the plans to green the city and create a 15 min walkable city.


ZR24 Reciprocity – a time of gifts – as a book end to the year, what a wonderful session of gifting and sharing 2020 inspirations, from a Costa Rican sunrise to Thich Naht Han, from Rebooting the Future to the Rocky Mountain Institute and so many great books, films, thoughts and places. See here for the wonderful inspirational shares on ZR24

Edition ZR23 focused on housing with insights from Kate Brown and Ben Adam-Smith with a wonderful discussion that ranged from mycelium to hemp to bamboo and beyond. Who knew Bamboo was toxic.

Neal Collins, Portland, USA, shared his journey and insights into Regenerative Real Estate with Emanuele Naboni, Sicily, Italy, sharing his work in the world of Extreme Architecture on ZR 22

Why the biophilic city of Curridabat Is The Sweetest City in the World with Irene García Brenes, Huberth Méndez Hernández was the focus for ZR21, sharing a powerful insight into what is possible through city plans that are truly connected to nature,

Zoe Cohen’s insights for ZR 20 were a much needed wake up call to the climate and ecological issues we face today, with perhaps the biggest issue being the danger that we think someone else will solver problems for us. Zoe posed two thought provoking questions – How do we take time out from problems to breath, re-energise and re-focus (once again mindful sustainability!) and What in 2030 would we like to be proud of achieving? With respect to solutions, Zoe highlighted the Project Drawdown movement – and book that should be on everyones desk.

In summarising ZR 19 I used keywords Mindful. Vitality. Transparency. Reciprocity. Human-Nature Connectivity. Seva … in business and in design …to which I would now add Love, reflecting our regenerative journey and bonds made over the episodes to date.

ZR History

Here is an ongoing summary of the zoom regeneratives to date. We have some amazing guests lined up for the rest of 2020 – and then into 2021 I am sure ZR will continue to thrive. See end of list for details on accessing a wonderful regenerative-rich library.

Anna Williamson (Host)
Zoe Cohen – What makes a Climate, Environment, Ecology, conscious citizen?

Joey Pringle – Vegan based regenerative business
Sonja Bochart – Mindful Biophilia

Philippa Birch-Wood – Thrive
Martin Brown – Healing the Future

Latin America Special hosted Victor Montero with insights shared from
Raul de Villafranca: México
Eduard Müller: Costa Rica
Lydia Singh: Trinidad & Tobago
Thais Corral, Brazil
Huberth Méndez, Costa Rica
El Manzano, Chile.México
Eduard Müller: Costa Rica
Lydia Singh: Trinidad & Tobago
Thais Corral, Brazil
Huberth Méndez, Costa Rica
El Manzano, Chile.

Sat Kaur, The space between:Director
Sylvie Verinder Plastic innovative recycling

Coming back, remembering and re-awakening our connection with earth
Aus / NZ Special with
Claire Bowles – Guest Host,
Caroline Pidcock – Architects Declare, Australia
Tricia Love – Living Building Challenge NZ
Alison Page introducing Wellama video
Lara Hunt Designing for Country in Aus and Ireland
Paul Humphreys / Charissa Snijders – Unision Network Project

Victor Montero – Costa Rica Regenerative Road Map,

Anna Williamson – Doughnut Economics – a critique
Martin Brown – Just what are regenerative economics in the built environment?

Guest Host Daniella Arbeu – Brazil with
Carolina Piccin – MateriaLAB Brazil – Circular Economy and Life Cycle Thinking
Iysn Shino – Nordhavn: Copenhagen’s Sustainable Future

Terry John (UK): Lighting for Health
Barbara Jones: Natural Materials, Strawbale Construction and Cureden Valley Park Visitor Center

Jeannie Bellini US – Phipps Conservatory, Pittsburg, (Case Study)
Maria Smith (UK)- Climate Change Economics, Architect Climate Action (ACAN)

Andrea Learned (Seattle) – Bikes4Climate
What If: Imagining a Regenerative City: An Introduction to RESTORE and RESTORD

Andrew Brown (UK) – RegenCycle a new look at city transport
Ana Dias (UK) – Material Transparency through Declare
Roberto Lollini (Italy) – Regenerative Interior Environments

Astrit Nixha (Kosova) Klan Kosova TV Studio, Prishtina Circular Economy Case Study
Andres Roberts (UK): Bio Leadership

Clara Bagenal George: LETI London Energy Transformation Initiative
Jon Khoo: Interface Climate Take Back

Melissa Sterry (UK):Panarchistic Architecture: an exploration
Scott McAulay (UK):Anthropocene Architecture School – educating future climate leaders
Living Futures 20 – An update from the premier regenerative building LF20 conference (Martin, Carlo)

Kara de los Reyes (UK):An expoloration of space
Michelle Holliday (Canada): Thrivability
Samara Croci (US): sustainability communications a fashion perspective

Paul Wilkinson (UK) Digital Built Environment
Virginia Cinquemani (UK): discusses her latest book Sustain Able
Jelena Brajkovic (Serbia): Explores Neo-Nature

Earthday Special
Toby Diggens, Devon, England: Rewilding
Carlo Battisti, Bolzano, Italy: Living Building Challenge
Daniella Abreu, Brazil: Renewing Sustainability

Where it all began … episode one kicked off on April 14th with a general regenerative introduction:
Martin Brown, regenerative ‘voices’ and themes.

Recordings, presentations and discussions were recorded and share with those who registered on each episodes. Plans are to create a suitable platform to share the rich information across ZR 2020. Watch this space – and if you would like to get involved please get in touch.

(*) Beautiful words borrowed from Emergence Magazine