Much Aldo About Everything

an awakening of ecological conscience. … The latest Fairsnape Regen/Notes Substack newsletter covers the continuing importance and influence of Aldo Leopold,

A deep chesty howl echoes, from Rimrock to Rimrock, rolls down the mountain and fades into the far blackness of the night. It is an outburst of defiant sorrow and contempt for all the adversaries of the world. 

Every living thing (perhaps many a dead one as well ) pays heed to that call. Yet behind obvious immediate hopes and fears, there lies a deeper meaning, known only to the mountain itself. Only the mountain has lived long enough to listen objectively to the howl of the Wolf

Perhaps this is behind Thoreau’s dictum “in wildness is the salvation of the world” … the howl of the Wolf, long known among mountains but seldom perceived among men.

Aldo Leopold. Sand County Almanac

With current interpretation, we can see the howl of Leopold’s wolf as nature’s howl against climate stress and collapse, in contempt of us humans, adversaries not advocates, a howl that only mountains and nature are tuned to understand, yet unheard by us.

Aldo Leopold photo_2

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