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Martin Brown, Fairsnape

Martin is an innovative sustainability ‘provocateur’, advocate and business improvement consultant with his Fairsnape practice, based in the Forest of Bowland, Lancashire UK.

Building on his 45 years UK and overseas experience in project management, business improvement and sustainability he now supports many leading organisations and practices.

Martin explores our sustainable future, sharing powerful messages and inspiring stories, highlighting the tough choices we face and the opportunities we have to create a better tomorrow.

From understanding climate change, reconnecting with nature, rethinking carbon management and the materials we use in our buildings, he acknowledges we can all imagine better and provokes improvement.

Our built environment is facing an avalanche of disruptive change; methods of design and construction; digital technical and financial; social and climate imperatives; shifts in investment and a new understanding of how we value buildings. Some of these disruptions are from within our sector, far many more are external.  Martin alerts us to the next and emerging issues that organisations must address now for a sustainable and future built environment sector.

Author: FutuREstorative, Working Towards a New Sustainability, RIBA 2016,

Advisor and co-founder Living Future Institute Europe

RESTORE: Co-Founder and Vice Chair of RESTORE (Rethinking Sustainability Towards a Regenerative Economy), a 4 Year EU Cost Action research network.

Living Building Challenge: Ambassador, founder of the UK Collaborative and advisor to the Cuerden Valley Park Visitor Center, the first project to be designed and constructed to meet the Living Building Challenge standard.

Rethinking Carbon: Co-Founder of online construction carbon tool, ConstructCO2

Business Improvement:  Auditor, Facilitator and Consultant

Collaborative Working: Through Constructing Excellence, Martin champions industry collaborative initiatives including BIM. He is Chair of the Lancashire Constructing Excellence Club.

Influence: Martin tweets, blogs, lectures, presents and writes widely on sustainability and social responsibility issues from plastic pollution to modern slavery. He regularly features highly in social media influence listings.

Inspiration: a connectivity with nature and a love for the outdoors


A Living Building Challenge Ambassador, Martin Brown is a firm believer that sustainability needs to be salutogenic, not just doing less bad, but doing more good. A project manager and strategic consultant to the built environment industry, Martin is a respected expert and advocate of sustainability innovation, with an interest in all that can help bring about a healthier environment and society.

Martins latest book, FutuREstorative, (a RIBA publication), furthering the debate on new sustainability thinking within the built environment is now available through the RIBA Bookshop.

Martin is the founder of Fairsnape, committed to enabling success within organisations with a focus on collaborative working, sustainability, social media, bidding skills and organisational 
social responsibility.

As an experienced blogger, Martin comments on built environment issues through his blog at in addition to contributing to many other media sources. He is a also a regular presenter and speaker on collaborative working, sustainability, social media and organisational
social responsibility themes. He was recently included within the list of 30 CSR professionals to follow on social media in 2015.

In 2008 he co-founded Be2Camp, a social media and web2 advocacy for built environment sustainability and collaborative working. BE2 now supports and ‘web enables’ a growing number of organisations, awards and events. Martin now facilitates active tweetchat communities of practice including #sustldrconv (Sustainable Leadership Conversations)

He is also chair of Constructing Excellence Lancashire, ex chair and Fellow of the Benchmarking Institute, co founder of ConstructCO2 and a Constructing Excellence collaborative working champion.

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