Pro Bono or Fee?

When delivering talks, keynote, workshops, in-house training and supporting organisations, what may seem to be only 30 minutes, an hour or so, is actually the culmination of my experience. Experience that covers 45 years of management , consultancy, research and learning in the built environment regenerative sustainability.

To progress our journey, addressing the climate, biodiversity and ecological emergences, towards a healthy regenerative future, I provide support on either a Fee or a Pro Bono basis.

Pro Bono or Fee paid work?

I am honoured to be invited to be asked to talk to or work with a wonderful and wide range of organisations, from corporates and practices to interest groups, manufacturers and charities. Indeed, as the climate interests increase, engagement requests have also increased dramatically.

I will always discuss each request as whether my support is fee based or otherwise, but to ensure an effective, sustainable business I have set a few principles as guidance.

When delivering to industry groups, events or sessions with more than one organisation, ideally I would look for fees, but happy to do this pro bono, and ideally look for expenses.

However, when supporting a single organisation, even introducing sustainability concepts I will look for fees (or a discussion towards agreement for ongoing engagement). I trust you would agree that for a organisation to commercially benefit from my (45 years plus) experience, and to expect that for free, is not a sustainable or just approach.

Note, although I am an advocate and ambassador for great regenerative schemes, standards and ‘institutes’, I am not funded by such organisations.