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Through Fairsnape I have, over the last decade and more, been sharing sustainability and regenerative thinking freely through talks, keynotes, workshops, though blogs, articles, papers and in publications, and lately through a myriad of online events development sessions. And, along this regenerative journey I have supported and coached many individuals.

I am incredibly grateful that the sharing of my work is recognised by followers on twitter, linkedin, and my high placing on influencer listings.

I have also gladly given time freely to initiatives and programmes that align with my values in seeking a regenerative future, one that is culturally rich, socially just and ecologically sound.

The free giving of time has been supported through income from a wonderful range of clients, ranging from what would be seen as regular strategic consulting, in house development, auditing support to paid for keynotes.

However like many speakers, advocates, provocateurs, and consultants the landscape has changed and will continue to change as we address living with Corona, face the recession as a consequence of Covid19 but more importantly as we really start to feel the affects of and address the climate emergency we find ourselves in

This makes the knowledge, expertise, support I can provide increasingly vital.

I will continue to give freely, through social media, blogs, publications, programmes and encourage engagement through initiates such as Zoom Regenerative, but will also now provide the opportunity to those who find my contribution useful, in individual or organisational, sustainability journeys, to support through becoming a Patreon

Thank You, And together we can speed up our journey towards a future that is truly regenerative, enables life to thrive and brings real joy to all.


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