F U T U R E S T O R A T I V E.


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Inspirations + Challenges for a New Sustainability.



“should be read by all RESTORE participants as background basic reference to understand the wide spectrum aspects of what sustainable restorative means” Zvi Weinstein, Israel Smart Cities Institute, Tel-Aviv

“… an engaging discourse that reignites the green agenda by reframing the debate and advocating a radical change in direction” Richard McPartland ,NBS Review

“Furthering much-needed debate for new sustainability thinking in the built environment” Concept Reviewer

“There are many examples, concepts and arguments presented here that you will love, like and agree with. Others you will not, and will want to challenge – and that’s fine. We need more thinking like FUTURESTORATIVE that challenges current and entrenched thinking and, in encouraging debate, moves us forward …” Amanda Sturgeon

“This book should be read by policy makers in the built environment, not just by construction professionals and students of sustainability … ” Su Butcher

“Martin has created many things with this book; a straight talking call to action of the need to focus on genuine sustainability … ” Simon Owen

F U T U R E S T O R A T I V E is a collection of blog style contributions from UK and overseas thought and business leaders, advocates and practitioners, weaved together with informed narrative and insight from the author, Martin Brown.

Central to F U T U R E S T O R A T I V E is the emergence of a net positive and restorative sustainability, exploring the shift from an often blinkered focus on sustainability as simply energy performance to a more rounded social, wellness, health and healthy buildings debate.

ReConnecting with Nature  weaves throughout the book’s narrative. Having lost our real connection with nature we have also lost our respect and tolerance for doing damage.

F U T U R E S T O R A T I V E explores the biophilic psychological benefits from nature; biomimic learning from natures material; and the emerging, mindfulness thinking that can enable reconnection with nature.

F U T U R E S T O R A T I V E introduces the need for required practice, making the case that best practice & established sustainability standards have fallen into the doing less bad, not more good, trap.

F U T U R E S T O R A T I V E spotlights digital sharing and collaboration, through social media and building information management, as the new ‘tools’ in the sustainability toolbox that provide unique and powerful opportunities to rapidly advance sustainability thinking, development and actions.

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FutuREstorative Extract: Table 5.2 Material Standards

FutuREstorative Extract Table 8.1 Demonstrator Projects

The Case for Reconstructing the Worlds Sustainability Standards 


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