Keynotes + Talks (2020)

Zoom Regenerative (ZR)

Exploring pathways for a regenerative future, post lockdown, in a Time of Corona … Celebrating Regenerative Buzz, Thinking and Activity with Guests from around the world

Zoom Regenerative (ZR) is hosted zoom event with a wonderfully engaged and growing community that will cover regenerative themes from Cycling to Energy, from Regenerative Business to Landscaping, from Carbon to Biophilia, from Construction to Rewilding, from Art to Economics, from BIM to Social Thriving and beyond… 

“Like a tree in a forest we will know that we are not alone, but part of a web, a network of life, healing, helping, nurturing each other, as it should always have been…” Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

Edition 1 April 14th An introduction to themes (Martin Brown)

Edition 2 April 22 An earthday special with Guests: Carlo Battisti, Daniella Abreu and Toby Diggens

Edition 3 April 29 with guests: Paul Wilkinson, Virginia Cinquemani and Jelena Brajkovic:

Edition 4 May 5th with guests: Kara de los Reyes, Michelle Holliday and Samara Croci

Edition 5 May 12th with Guests: Melissa Sterry, Scott McAulay and Carlo Battisti

Edition 6 May 19th with Guests Clara Bagenal George and Jon Khoo

Edition 7 May 26th with Guests Andres Roberts and Jeannie Bellina


Covid-19 – Preparing for A New Normal Built Environment

For us in the built environment, we are starting see that the world of design, construction, supply chains and communications will not be the same post Covid19. We will cannot return to the normal we knew, for that normal is in too many ways responsible for the problems we have now.

Preparing for a new post Covid19 normal must be part of a ‘never waste this crisis’ approach that practices and companies need to take. And now is the time to take that development, when employees are home based, with more time to learn, develop and help shape a future business.

We cannot waste this crisis and we must emerge stronger, ready to address a different environment, when addressing the climate and ecological breakdown will be very high, if not top of the agenda.

To this end I am running in-house, online inter-active CPD style sessions through Zoom or Teams for a number of my clients, both here in the UK and overseas. (If you are interested in this for your organisation please get in touch)


14th Bristol – 100 Voices Panel Chair (see Specifi Events)

28th Manchester – 100 Voices Panel Chair


Specifi 100 Voices, London, Landscape 4th Feb Interior Design 5th Feb.

13th Feb: RESTORE Rethinking Sustainability Towards a Regenerative Future, Cyprus (Cyprus University of Technology, Limassol )

Rest of 2020 … on hold.


A year of sharing … 2019 keynotes, talks, presentations, workshops and CPD’s … for more information please do get in touch

December 19th Social Media Workshop, Lancashire

Using social media with an emphasis on sustainability ….

December 5th – Climate Emergency, Kent

What does Good look Like – Climate Emergency – Supply Chain workshop,

Dec 2nd Cost Restore Training School – Venice

Introduction to Regenerative Economics keynote

Nov 26th – 100 Voices, London

100 Voices, 100 Solutions – introduction to regenerative sustainability, rethinking carbon, Cost Restore and Living Building Challenge as Climate and Biodiversity Emergency solutions

Nov 25th – Climate Emergency, Kent

What does Good look Like – Climate Emergency – Supply Chain workshop,

Nov 21st- 100 Voices, London

Launch of 100 Voices, 100 Solutions a 12 month initiate to give a voice and platform for Climate and Biodiversity Emergency actions. Panel host with Mott MacDonalds, Hoare Lea and John Robertson Architects

Oct 22nd Manchester Design Crawl

Time for a Living Future. On our watch, over last 30 years environmental impact has worsened. Introduction to Living Building Challenge, Product Challenge and Declare.

Oct 13th Declare Breakfast

Living Building Challenge for Gensler, with Humanscale, London

Sept 22nd Declare, London

Introduction to Declare, Perkins Will, with Humanscale, London

Sept 25th Interior Design, London

In conversation with Elina Grigoriou – on the launch of her new book Wellbeing For Interiors

Sept 19th Living Building Challenge4.0 Helsinki Finland

Living Building Challenge 4.0 Introduction. Tirra Space, Ludviginkatu 6, Helsinki

Sept 18th RESTORE Tampere Finland

Restore Update for University Properties of Finland

August 16th European Straw Bale Gathering 2019 (ESBG) Todmorden, UK

Living Building Challenge: LBC Keynote and Workshop

August 14th Sustainability

Introduction to built environment sustainability for finance sector

July 16th Time to Declare, London

Chairing Specifi Design London Panel

June 26th RE_BUILD Milan

Time for a Living Future / Imagine Better

June – Supply Chain Workshops, Kent

Regenerative Design

Regenerative Design – development of Climate and Biodiversity Emergency supply chain deflation with Baxall Construction supply chain

June 24th Regenerative Design CPD, London

Imagine Better: introduction to regenerative design, FutuREstorative themes, including Living Building Challenge and work of COST Restore

June 13th Declare UK Launch, Fosters and Partners, London

Launch of Declare to the UK market

June 12th The Barn, Living Building Challenge Project Kick off

Kick off workshop for the Barn, Living Building Challenge Project, Devon

June 10th Collaborative Planning Workshop

Premier, Manchester Airport

May 15th FutuREstorative, Lancaster.

Themes for a Regenerative Future, Lancaster,

April 30th – May 2nd Living Futures 19, Seattle, WA.

Rethinking Sustainability Towards a Regenerative Economy: The EU RESTORE Project The ILFI (Living Building Challenge) annual un-conference: Collaboration and Abundance.

March 12th Introduction to the Well Build Standard

Specifi Leeds

March 19th Green Build Europe: Amsterdam

Social Justice in Sustainability Standards. 16:30 – 17:30 The USGBC Conference in Europe, with the focus on Human:Nature

March 11-15 Cost RESTORE Training School, Mid Term Conference, Bolzano, Italy

Regenerative Sustainability: Procurement
Why procurement, bidding and tendering is one of the most vital aspects in realising regenerative building success. (I will be most likely participating remotely for this one)

March 7th InnoRenew CoE 1st International Conference Timber – A healthy future for sustainable buildings. Koper. Slovenia.

Regenerative Sustainability and Timber Buildings
Insights from FutuREstorative, RESTORE and Cuerden Valley Visitor Centre

March 5th Future Build, London

What can we learn from International Sustainability Standards. 13:30 – 14:40 The place of Living Building Challenge.

February 7th Green Register, Lancashire

Introduction to Living Building Challenge at Cuerden Valley

February 6th Circular Economy, IoW

Project Workshop, introducing themes of Circular Economy, Regenerative Design for application on Freshwater Social Care project.

For more information on any of the themes, or events above, please do get in touch