Consumer and Small Medium Business Research: Green or Sustainable?


Want to hear what Consumers and Small and Medium Business have to say about “green?” We did. So we decided to ask them. We conducted a two-part research study in the summer of 2009 that consisted of qualitative interviews and quantitative surveys. The purpose of the study was to get a broad look at what consumers and SMBs are doing with respect to green products and services and what they plan to do in the future. We looked at definitions of “green”, reasons for going “green”, barriers to becoming “green” and more. This document contains a sample of the insights that were uncovered.

I have always rather liked the 'green' rather than 'sustainable' tag used by the US and elsewhere except here in the UK. However as ever beware the greenwash

Maybe we should adopt green construction rather than sustainable construction for technical and operational construction, and resilient construction for the strategic vision.

Construction in the UK Economy: The Benefits of Investment

This study, (crammed with facts and statistics), has been commissioned by the UK Contractors Group and was conducted during August and September, 2009

The objectives of this study are to demonstrate the impacts of the UK construction industry on the UK economy, and specifically to highlight the benefits of investing in construction on (economic. social and environmental matters)

Of interest is the contribution that investment in construction can make to CO2 reduction targets.