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Second Life: will code really be the new bricks and mortar?

Second Life: will code really be the new bricks and mortar, or ‘clicks’ and mortar? ….

Saturdays Telegraph carried an article looking at a new lifestyle magazine aimed at homeowners – Prim Perfect is a virtual magazine to give virtual people advice on virtual furniture to put in a virtual homes and expects to make real money.

And yet it is probably going to be – if it is not already – the best-read magazine on the subject of bricks and mortar on the planet. Prim Perfect has a potential global readership in the hundreds of thousands.   Pauline Woolley is Prim Perfect founder and editor.  

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Also New York Times

(Fairsnape has a presence within Second Life .  For more information on Second Life and Built Environment issues, or a guided tour in SL, contact through Fairslife)

IT and sustainable construction

Paul Wilkinson over at BIW, brought his blog, Extranet Evolution, to my attention with an interesting piece on IT and sustainability, the “Draft Strategy for Sustainable Construction“, and the forth coming event in the Midlands, EMCBE Expo 2007 Construction Conference