Sustainable Language

“As part of our sustainability journey, the language of construction also needs to evolve – from one that is perhaps too combative, technical and confrontational to one that is mindful, and embraces a language of collaboration, sharing, care and love. There are signs that the language of business is changing as it incorporates more diverse, open and inclusive approaches”

FutuREstorative 2016

EGO Our tyrannical dominion over nature

ECO Our earth friendly actions based on reducing impact

SEVA our actions based on being part of nature not apart from nature

Seva is a lovely Sanskrit word that can translate as being in service to others (human and non-human), without reward. It fits remarkably well with the regenerative agenda as giving back more than taken, and with the honourable harvest ethos of taking only what is needed, and making use of all that is taken.

We are acutely aware that the Eco era just hasn’t addressed the earth’s climate and ecological matters, to such an extent it has moved from a problem, to a crisis to an emergency. We need a Seva mindset.

Ed Gillespie  writing in “The End of ‘Saving the World’?” describes what I have in mind when talking about Seva in this context … 

“The planet does not want to be saved. Or rescued. Or even changed. Our planet wants to be loved. Love is not a game of numbers and spreadsheets, checks and balances, debts and contracts. It is an exalted dance of joy, respect and gleeful, mutual appreciation and true partnership. We should all be dancing. But right now the music’s stopped. And I sense it won’t authentically restart until we properly reconnect with what really matters, our deeper selves, each other and our home” 

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