Climate Change

There seems to be a lot happening in politics and environmental circles this week. Just what does all this mean for construction and facilities management. I am reading the latest draft bill to determine that and will feedback through here.

Two very relevant themes that have jumped out though – zero carbon housing, in production and in use was one of the key areas driving the latest draft bill (The Independent 14th March) – and Tony Blairs comment in the house at question time talking about Building Schools for the Future said “it would plainly be sensible to build into the building schools for the future programme… measures for the use of environmentally sustainable energy and energy efficiency. That is very important and right.”

I have copied that quote from a blog I am finding increasingly useful – zerochampion, written by Phil Clark, recently editor of QS News. The link to this blog can be found in the blogroll panel on the right.

If you have any views on what is happening re climate change at the moment – and how it affects our region – let me know – I am also providing consultation back to government on the draft bill and a member of the Governments Sustainable Development Panel – so can feed your views back into those who may listen.

And don’t forget -LBPC Event on Sustainability – 22 March Solarus Building – Blackpool – Book Now


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