Green Property

If you didn’t get the Observer property section on Sunday it could be well worth tracking down.  The whole section was devoted to Green Property issues which will be of interest to those in the housing market as well as us as individual house owners.  (I will post the links here when I can find them, they seem to be hidden in the depths of the Guardian website).

What surprised me was the home assessments necessary for the Energy Performance Certificates, that will be required from June 1st for each house put on the market, and the amount of work to be done to raise a property from a ‘F’ rating to a ‘D’ rating as the example given in the article describes.

There was also an interesting article on the light versus tight discussions in construction at the moment – do we design and construct with lightweight technologies or not?  How will climate change, and foreseen increases in temperatures effect design? Interesting to note that there is very few lightwieght properties in the hotter Med countries.

This reminds me of issues raised at a recent local CIOB event regarding Modern Methods of Construction. The speakers from the Concrete Society made a useful argument as to why concrete construction can be seen as green and environmentally friendly such as light weight or timber constructions. 

This issue would make for a great event and debate for the Best Practice Club.

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