Building the Future – build as we mean to go on ….

Last Wednesdays (April 18th) Guardian Society supplement was a must read series of articles under the theme of Building the Future. The supplement, a collaboration with Think 07 addressed Sustainable Building for the 21st Century.

Copies of the supplement are available from Guardian Professional

The built environment accounts for 50% of all the UK carbon emissions. Construction materials contribute a further 10% of total carbon emissions, whilst we in the industry produce a third of all waste – said to be 31 million tonnes per annum (that’s 1 tonne per household)

The supplement articles include:

Back to the drawing Board
Kisrtsy Gogan a partner at Futerra, puts the case for rethinking our industry – in relation to achieving carbon zero emissions.¬† I am always reminded of Einstein in realtion to ‘rethinking’ – “we cannot fix todays problems with the same patterns of thought that created them ”

Time for business to show leadership
Targets may be in place for zero carbon housing – but now is the time to turn attention to targets for the business and other private sectors – argues Heather Stewart, economics correspondent for the Observer

Good intentions of political gestures?
Will costs be the barrier to zero carbon homes – or will costs reduce as everyone builds to zero carbon standards?

A brand new way of living

Sustainability is not jut about carbons – its about mixed facilities and communities co-existing

The transport Equation
Re-visiting the car in cities issue

Lessons from Elsewhere
Swedish case studies – proving carbon zero and communities based facilities work, the project at Malmo was an inspiration for housing minister Yvette Cooper to push forward with the carbon zero targets for homes.

Homes for Zeros
What technologies will we need into the future?

Half a million honmes a year will need a green make over

Are we doing enough to address the existing housing stock?

The new power generation

…”the construction industry no accepts that it must urgently change the way it has operated for many years”…. Changes are coming thick and fast – but unlike the other sectors the construction industry plays catch up …

Think 07 – London May 01 – 03 It is time to build as we mean to go on ….. I will be attending parts of this three day event and report back on key issues

Relevance to the north west – and the Lancashire construction best practice programme is clear – our innovation event in July, hosted through UCLan will address many of the issues raised in this supplement.

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