Top Ten – Take Two

The Think 07 top ten actions to address climate change are now on the Think 07 website. These were presented to John Prescott yesterday evening by the Business Leaders Summit group, and range from measures on design and construction of new buildings to reducing the carbon footprint of billions of pounds worth of property already in use.

Do you agree with them – will you sign up to them? Visit the site and pledge to follow them through.

For what it is worth – here are my top ten as posted onto the Think 07 forum – what do you thin? Do you have a top ten?

1. Collaborate – this is not a competition – we all win or we all win.

2. Keep it 70 – excessive speeds will kill our planet.

3. Don’t offset it – do it differently– reduce focus on offsetting (as useful as a chocolate teapot) and focus on energy usage. And I see we will soon have a Code of Practice for chocolate teapots !

4. We don’t need it – only one third of solid materials used on sites is a crime (cf the defra report) – it means more construction transport – more waste management costs etc etc etc

5. Legalise – give the earth legal right protection

6. Tread lightly – reduce carbon our carbon footprints of individuals, households, premises, and importantly the built environment industries

7. Unearth design – Gaia – design for the earth – using local and natural resources – facilities that are fit for purpose ….

8. Educate Educate Educate – are we really prepared for the challenge ahead – to look after the world – are we building as though we care? Do we understand targets being set – and what we need to challenge – cf Monbiot in Guardian comment 01/05/07

9. Think small – Refocus on conserving energy and micro-regeneration than misguided large scale wind farm

10. Think Wild – in our haste to address sustainability lets not rape our wilderness areas in a blind race to be green – we will all need a place to recharge spiritually.


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