Future of construction transport – something that’s better for the planet

A number of items in the news / other websites and blogs have given me cause for thought on construction transport.

  • Procurement for construction will evaluate construction transport miles and travel plans
  • Defra claim only two thirds of solid materials delivered are used on any site – so perhaps we only need one third of heavy construction transport on the road? (and I recall from somewhere that construction counts for nearly 40% of all transport on our roads, ie both materials and people)
  • Low emission zones will become common place in cities – increasing the cost of construction transport and deliveries
  • The Oil Depletion Protocol is driving countries to become free of oil dependence – with Sweden’s Minister for Sustainable Development announcing in 2006 that Sweden will be completely oil free by 2020. We could learn alot from watching Sweden’s construction industry address this objective.

And finally to do something positive, Change Your World is asking you to swap just one car trip from 1-7 July and choose something that’s better for the planet instead. Sign up and pledge at Change Your World. If we all give up just one car journey that week we’ll reduce car traffic by 10%, and importantly get an insight to the challenges construction travel and transport face.

And for a view of a future carbon free transport city – Dutch city Groningen. of 185,000 proves that bicycle transportation can reign supreme: people there make about 150,000 trips by bicycle every day.

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