Construction Carbon Calculator – a challenge?

By far the highest number of searches that end up at this blog are related to the words Construction Carbon Calculator, and pages in this blog that talk about carbon calculators receive the highest visits.

This leads me to think that there is not a suitable carbon calculator for our industry – for the construction process – not the building or facility

A challenge then – is anyone out there aware of or using a calculator, or is anyone developing one.?

It could well be that we just do not know what the carbon footprints of construction activities really are, and that is worrying.

Comments, views and links to those construction carbon calculators please…

3 thoughts on “Construction Carbon Calculator – a challenge?

  1. mahalie

    The only one I’m aware of I helped develop: is a construction carbon calculator…just for the process of new construction, and unfortunately only covering ecoregions of North America. It’s in very early beta and we’re still working on refining the factors used with more data.


  2. Rumi Mohideen

    Hi I set up myco2print to footprint the local community. but out of it developed a system for carbon footprinting anything. I write the questionnaires aqnd then analyse the data with a spreadsheet and some of my own gizmos. I can look at amnufacturing processes, but like food it is very complex beacause of process and supply chain complexities. These are not insurmountable.

    My project is currently unfunded nd so the website is a little sparse. Im sure I can comje up with something though.



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