Carbon Footprint – definition – useful?

Recently published paper from ISA-UK Research & Consulting, based in Durham looks at the commonly used term of ‘Carbon Footprint’

definition of ‘carbon footprint’.

The term ‘carbon footprint’ has become very popular over the last few years and is now in widespread public use. With climate change high up on the political and corporate agenda, carbon footprint assessments are in strong demand.

The paper suggests the following definition, which may be useful in understanding the carbon footprint of  the construction process, the building or facility itself as well as  the facilities management aspects.

“The carbon footprint is a measure of the exclusive total amount of carbon dioxide emissions that is directly and indirectly caused by an activity or is accumulated over the life stages of a product.”

(my italics)

In any case, all direct (on-site, internal) and indirect emissions (off-site, external, embodied, upstream, downstream) need to be taken into account.

download the paper from ISA UK here

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