civil sustainability

the recently launched civil engineering sustainability strategy can be downloaded from the CIRIA news site. (Can’t locate it on the ICE site which seems the obvious place!)

Well worth a read, I particularly like the aims:

Aim 1 Promote strong leadership for sustainable development within civil engineering There is a need for strong commitment and leadership at all levels, including clients, to tap into the enormous potential of civil engineering to protect the environment and promote sustainable development.

leadership is vital and it will interesting to watch how leaders in this sector become role models

But equally as interesting is Aim 3

Build capacity for sustainable development in civil engineering building capacity for sustainable development is about equipping organisations and individuals with the understanding, skills and access to independent information, knowledge and training that enables them to perform effectively.

It will again be interesting to see how this emerges, and whether an open source approach to knowledge share and education is adopted (open source sustainability)

I noted no mention of measuring the ecological (or carbon) footprint of civil engineering activities.

Please add your comments:

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