isite stats – carbon issues dominate

Looking at the stats for this site reveals some interesting patterns. The number of visitors to the site is just under 2500, over the last thirty days,  the top ten isite topics visited are as follows with Construction Carbon Calculator receiving twice as many as the other 9 put together:

1 Construction Carbon Calculator

2 Carbon Footprint – definition – useful?

3 Club Events

4 Green Lessons for New Schools (BSF Update)

5 at last … low cost solar power that work

6 unacceptable project management style?

7 Sustainable development or jobs for the boys

8 fairsnape

9 personal carbon allowance – government response

10 2030 – just when you thought …

The stats also reveal what you were searching for when you reached isite, with by far the most common being variations on the theme of carbon calculator, for buildings, construction, materials and facilities


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