carbon offsetting targeted … again

Interesting to see that the Climate Change Camp at Heathrow targeted carbon off setting companies in their recent protests. And quite rightly so, useful as chocolate teapots, carbon offsetting schemes distract from real actions to address environmental and carbon issues, and foster a ‘do nothing different’ attitude.  (Even for  LA trying to achieve zero carbon homes by paying £200 a home to a carbon offset scheme)

From today’s Guardian  

Two carbon offset firms staffed by committed environmentalists also found themselves targeted. Climate Care in Oxford was invaded by people dressed as red herrings and the CarbonNeutral Company in London was leafleted. Both offer to “neutralise” the emissions of consumers and companies by investing in projects which lower emissions elsewhere.

“Carbon offsets are ineffective, based on dubious science and lead people to believe they are helping when they are not,” said Sophie Nathan, who took part in the CarbonNeutral Company action.

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