Measuring carbon savings in existing buildings

It has long been recognised within the blogosphere at least that the biggest contribution the built environment can make to national and global carbon reductions is through existing building stock, not only through the drive for zero carbon homes by 2016 for example.

And in case we need reminding why existing buildings are key, Cyril Sweett estimate that by 2050, 60% of UK buildings will still predate 2006 Building Regs, with corresponding high fuel consumption and carbon emissions. Barring a massive technological improvement in electricity generation at source, our only option is to address existing stock. (Elemental)

Today is the start of the CIBSE 100 days of carbon clean up.

It is good to see programmes like this that address the existing building stock. Signing up to this programme will give you the guidance and tools to reduce energy and carbons within your buildings, including TM22 – the CIBSE guide to measuring carbon savings. For example are you aware of the following carbon emission factors?

  • Natural Gas: 0.194kg CO2/kWh
  • LPG: 0.235kg CO2/kWh
  • Oil: 0.265kg CO2/kWh
  • Biomass: 0.025kg CO2/kWh
  • Electricity: 0.422kg CO2/kWh

Bit of a difference there between electricity and biomass!
Check out the CIBSE programme and make a saving and contribution today.

Making refurbishment a green opportunity

In addition CIBSE are hosting the Great Refurbishment Event

or refurbishment of commercial buildings both on client or consultancy side, then the Great Refurbishment Event held at The Royal Society, London on the 24 October 2007 is a must attend event for you. Experts throughout the building services world will share with you their strategies and techniques to take you from the planning stage through to integrating your refurbishment into improving your energy performance.

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