Enviroment Books – Silent Spring v Walden

George Monbiot in his recent Guardian article talks of  what he believes ” is the most important environmental book ever written. It is not Silent Spring, Small is Beautiful or even Walden. It contains no graphs, no tables, no facts, figures, warnings, predictions or even arguments”

I will let you follow the link to find out what the book is, but it did make me think of what the most influential environment peices of literature are, from Silent Spring to Walden to that passage in A Sand County Almanac from Leopold.  And importantly on this ‘built environment’ blog, what have been the most influential for our sector.

Do the lyrics to Big Yellow Taxi count?

It would be good to start a discussion here, but as blogs are not too hot on generating discussions, so, for those of you on Facebook I will start a discussion group there,  (“poke me” as they say for an invite), with maybe even the top 5 posted here?

3 thoughts on “Enviroment Books – Silent Spring v Walden

  1. fairsnape Post author

    Phil, Mel – thanks for comments.
    Completely forgot Jane Jacobs Mel, must track down Death of American Cities again – a trip to the library this morning – by bike of course !



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