Transforming Green Building Education

Greeenbuild 365 mentioned in the last post, strap line is Transforming Green Building Education

It is through green building education, outreach, and the sharing of best practices that we will achieve our vision of a sustainable built environment within a generation.

Greenbuild365 makes this possible by providing green building education that is accessible for all. This learning portal features a Greenbuild conference journal, interactive polling, and streaming videos of visionary speakers…with much more to come. 

Greenbuild365 is part of the USGBC – the US Green Building Council. It would be good to see similar initiatives from the UK Green Building Council 

(In fact it would be good to see similar  membership fees and access to both – registration is free in the US,  minimum 0f £300 in the UK, although ft students are free)

1 thought on “Transforming Green Building Education

  1. Melanie Thompson

    Education is certainly the key to greening the construction industry. That’s why, three years ago, I set up Get Sust, an email newsletter for students, academics and professionals.

    The idea is to help the next generation AND current practitioners keep up to date with the technical side of sustainable construction, and to keep them inspired to “do the right thing”.

    The latest issue went out this week (see ).

    The newsletter started off in a small way – sent to 30 course leaders who were asked to pass it on to their students. The circulation is now around 1500, and includes course leaders in many UK and overseas universities, full and part-time students, researchers, architects, building services engineers, surveyors, and others who are studying or working in the construction sector.

    This month (until 30 November 2007) we’re trying to spread the Get Sust message wider. So do tell all your friends to join the mailing list at

    And if any companies (especially those who recruit graduates) would like to sponsor the newsletter or advertise a vacancy, do get in touch:



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