is it greener on the other side of the pond?

The USA “Green Buildings Research White Paper,” the fifth in a series of annual reports on green building by Building Design+Construction, provides exclusive data on how building owners, operators, facilities directors, and real estate executives view green buildings—and what they are doing to implement green building. The 60-page report covers corporate office buildings, hospitals, hotels, K-12 schools, college and university facilities, restaurants, and residential development.

Download here (3.2 MB PDF file) the full report.

Key findings of where respondents stand on key issues:

■ Respondents are still worried about possible higher initial costs for green buildings.
■ They’re generally sanguine about the energy savings from green buildings.
■ They believe that green buildings may deliver health benefits for occupants.
■ They appreciate the marketing and PR bonanza that green buildings often garner.
■ They see companies, institutions, and building owners more willing to invest in green buildings today than
they were just a few years ago.

Plenty of numbers and data in the report, along with signed statements from sponsors.

I need to keep asking myself why is it so much easier to access reports like this in the States than here in the UK?

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