Zero carbon schools

Ed Balls,  Education Secretary wants all new school buildings to be zero-carbon by 2016, at a cost of about £110m over the next three years.  (Guardian)

How this sits with Building Schools for the Future (which arguable should include carbon zero approaches, which after all will be the schools of the future) and what happens after three years, remains to be seen.

Good to see another target being set.  Lets hope that the Strategy for Sustainable Construction will bring clarity and some sense of joined up thinking to all initaitives, codes, targets etc.

3 thoughts on “Zero carbon schools

  1. Phil Clark

    I’ve posted on this Martin. You have to wonder some times about just where this government is going with its policy for new build. Balls reckons we can build zero carbon schools by 2016 whilst the UKGBC reckon 2020 is more realistic. Who do you believe?


  2. fairsnape Post author

    Well we will have carbon zero homes by 2016 generating their own energy so why not? But seriously we need joined up thinking in all this. who is the minister for construction now?


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