Seasons greetings

Whilst isite will continue posting issues of interest, many readers and subsribers will be finishing up today for the holiday period, so an opportunity to wish you all the best for a peaceful holiday and new year.

This isite project started just under one year ago, initial as a trial to see what all this blogging stuff was about and has grown to become a significant contribution to what I do.  The numbers of viewers to isite has been amazing with tens of thousands over the year – from all across the globe – so a big thanks to all those who have posted comments, subscribed,  just viewed or passed on through to other linked locations.

The isite blog archives now provide a record and overview of 2007 – the year the built environment woke up to what sustainability really really means and started to face the challenges it will present. Will 2008 be the year of action?

I have plans for more a more exciting isite early in the new year – so watch this space …. and of course I  look forward to your comments and contributions in 2008.

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