Whats wrong with Code level 6?

My post on Code level 6 has drawn a mixed reaction. Fellow blogger Mark over at House 2.0 makes an excellent response. In my opinion this is what blogs are for – to inform, debate and cut through the rhectoric and greenwash we see today.

My point on Code 6 remains the same – we have some 8 years to innovate, develop solutions and collaborate to acheive Level  6, so to claim we can acheive it today is just greenwash.  And if these claims were correct then the bar has been set too low.

Acheiving zero carbon, along with all the other requirements is one hell of a challenge lets not underestimate it.

Build into the challenge the need for a zero carbon footprint in design and construction without offsetting – then the first truck to arrive on site, the first brick to be manufactured, the first operative to drive to site … you get the picture. (I did see some claim that the construction process emissions account for some 11% of the buildings total carbon footprint – I will confirm and post that link asap)

Lets not claim zero anything, recognise the reductions and the progress being made, but also the challenge that lies ahead.

1 thought on “Whats wrong with Code level 6?

  1. Mark Brinkley


    Good to draw swords with you. Your point about embodied energy is pertinent – its something the Code all but ignores. It’s impossible to put it as a percentage of a building’s carbon footprint unless you know how long the building will be used for, but a typical small detached house uses around 40 tonnes of CO2 to build, so its significant – probably about ten years worth of energy use in the home.



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