Best of green building

The excellent Worldchanging site (changing your thinking) posted a review of the best of its green building articles recently – it makes for an interesting overview of emerging themes in green building albeit US based, many of which have been picked up through isite… Of note are

Digital House and the Future of Green Building

Green Building Simulation

The Slow Home Movement

Convergent Media and the DIY Home of the Future

Architecture 2030: An Interview with Ed Mazria

When you say that the building sector is responsible for half of all greenhouse gas emissions, though, do you mean that in a direct or an indirect sense? Because surely houses aren’t just sitting there emitting carbon dioxide all day – it’s the power plants that those houses are connected to.

Mazria: It’s direct.

Consolidation: cutting traffic and waste

The term ‘consolidation centre’ may not sound sexy, and little about the contemporary construction industry is. But in London a pilot program has found that managed consolidation of delivery operations can cut construction-related vehicle emissions by 70%, and cut waste by a huge percentage too. Pretty impressive? Even more so when you consider the simplicity of the idea.

The Greenest Building

Living Homes

Grow Your Own Treehouse and other thoughts on Ecological Architecture

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