LEED to take on the world?

Whilst the BRE and Prince Foundation square up on Code Level 6, watch out for the creeping LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) the US version of BREEAM.

In an article in the latest Plenty journal, Robert Watson (often hailed as the father of LEED ), talks about his determination to turn LEED into a worldwide benchmark, with a focus on developing countries of China and India.

In the interview, when asked how home  owners can get involved in LEED, Robert replies – Look for the LEED label on your homes …   And just demand it as a consumer.

Cant quite see the consumer demanding such labels here – yet – but come 2016?

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One Response to LEED to take on the world?

  1. Nora Orozco says:

    Hello, i am a spa consultan, and i am so interesting that my spa desings be build GREEN!

    How can find out how to build a Spa with leed certification?

    Thank you


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