isite round up

I was looking at the blog stats for isite last night – so here is a round up of isite activity over the last month or so.

Where are you all?

Recently I added a nice little gadget – ClustrMaps – showing the location of isite viewers – you can find it at the bottom of the right hand column – below the flickr images. Although the numbers here dont agree with the stats from wordpress (around 1000/week) it is fascinating to see the global interest. There is an isite viewing community maybe, spanning from north america, europe, middle east and far east and then australia and new zealand. Not bad for a blog that started as a local initiative.

It would be great to get comments from viewers across the globe on built environment issues we face today.

What are you viewing

Taking out the admin (Lancashire Best Practice Club, steering group, news, and Events), CKE, and hits to my fairsnape profile, the top hits still focus around carbon issues. I have said it before but this is certainly the defining zeitgeist of our sector today.

Top hits over last month are

Construction Carbon Calculator

Walking the walk – design resources

Carbon Footprint – definition – useful?

Route 2 Zero

New Liverpool school seeks ‘Very Good’ B

Construction carbon calculator – no more

JCT legally binding sustainability contr

Code level 6 too easy ? – go to level 7

sustainability turns red … code red?

Eco Build 2008 – not online … ?

I am of course happy to see the fairsnape Route To Zero iniative getting a high number of hits along with a good response for more information from viewers.

The post that has surprised me in its popularity is the ECO Build conference and Exhibition not being available online at all. A message there.

isite will be away for a week or so – please continue to comment and contribute with material for posting.

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