zero carbon route map to Wales

Jane Davidson the Welsh AM for Environment, Sustainability & Housing,  launched the new Renewable Energy Route Map for the Welsh Assembly Government last week – out for consultation until May.

It details lots of wind farms and lots of public engagement. Of note is the speed of the intentions across all energy themes, including the built environment as:

The devolution of the Building Regulations: Assembly Government control of the Building Regulations, in addition to our existing Town and Country Planning powers, should enable us to ensure all new buildings in Wales are built to the highest possible low carbon standards, both in respect of energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy.

Higher standards through devolved Building Regulations would be aimed at delivering the aspiration for all new buildings to be zero carbon by 2011. Over the next 3 years the Assembly Government will be looking to demonstrate a path to zero carbon buildings through construction work it funds.

Carbon Zero by 2011 – a far more ambitious plan than the Code of Sustainable Homes and other targets being set, increasing the importance of a strategy to follow with confidence

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